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Maybe you have been looking for a best scanner with a fix Assist for OBD2 Vehicles. Then your search ends here. The new INNOVA 3130c Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader has been made to just give you the best scanning experience possible.


The need for better scanning equipment due to the increased emissions has necessitated the Equus corporation, an offshoot of INNOVA to develop a scan to meet the stringent requirements being set by the regulator. The group has therefore developed an easy to use machine capable of providing an efficient diagnosis to both the vehicle users and the technicians.

Why should buy this scan tool?

Using the OBD2 scan machine is likely to give one the following benefits;


  • Why should buy INNOVA 3130C
    The efficient nature of the scan machine are not to be forgotten. This is made possible with the several attached enabling parts to ease the work of both the coding and relay of data.
  • Larger coverage- with its higher compatibility rates, the machine is able to be used on several OBD2 car models which make it preferred. It’s coding capacity range from the usual controller area networks-C.A.N and the generic codes from P0, P2, and P3 to U0.
  • Durable- the good reputation of the manufacturer and the innovative and human resource investment put into its make is sufficient to give you the service for quite some time.
  • Beauty– the OBD2 scan is well color-coded adding an additional aesthetic component. This is one area which gives you the morale to have the gadget around without minding to get your hands dirty.
  • Peace of mind-There is wide ranging benefits of this gadget based on the warranty which the manufacturer provides and the additional ASE technical support. The owner need not to worry over issues of technical backup, it is catered for.


Author Review

If you are looking for some fantastic I would recommend the use of the INNOVA 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader. Moreover, for those who are looking for quality and efficiency, this is what they need to have. The unique features of this scan machine make it work with a large variety of car models which is its main strength.

Those who have used it also like it for its price and the environment the favorable technical manufacture provides. This is in regard to the accompanying ASE technical support readily available through the INNOVA group website. The OBD2 scan machine is thus a wonderful gadget to keep with you.




INNOVA 3130C Overview

Looking at this great scan machine, one will only come up with one conclusion, the features of the machine makes it stand out among the rest when it comes to OBD2 scan machine categories. In addition, the machine is made into aesthetically looking equipment which is beautiful and also easy to carry.

INNOVA 3130c Features

The INNOVA 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader with Fix Assist for OBD2 Vehicles is made into the following unique professional features;


  • Innova 3130c Features
    It has an efficiently made diagnostic mechanism which is made from the fix assist and helps in giving good OBD2 diagnosis.
  • Higher compatibility rate with most of the newer versions of the OBD2 vehicles. The reason for this is its coding system efficiency. In addition, its ABS coding for the newer car models makes it surely a modern OBD2 scan model.
  • It has a live data feed mechanism which makes it relay the data in real time. The technician is therefore able to get the repairs and diagnosis done in good time. Additionally, the system has a playback mechanism capable of giving the data at a later date.
  • A modern internet and information technology connectivity. This in addition to the personal computer connection capability makes the updating of the INNOVA 3130C quite easy. This feature also makes the fixing work quite easy.
  • It has an efficient warning mechanism with LED lights to help warn the user of the rate of emissions.
  • Its size makes it one of the best hand-held devices in the market.


How is it used?

Like in most INNOVA scan machines, the INNOVA3130C is generally a plug and play gadget. However, being a fully fledged scan tool, the following is usually the manner of its use;

If the engine is on, you can plug it into your enabled personal computer. However, most of these handheld gadgets can operational on battery. Ensure the battery works. The next step is down loading the accompanying data on your personal computer, run the software and accesses the OBD2 scan.


Getting the right OBD2 scan machine can be rather challenging if you are not reliably informed on the different available models. It can even be more frustrating if you get the wrong one for your car. Though it is useful to use ones discretion, relying on information from people who have used these implements can save you big money and time.

The INNOVA 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader with fix Assist for OBD2 Vehicles comes with all the features you may need in a scan machine for your car. Why not try it today, I bet you won’t regret.

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