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The problem of making the right choice of the OBD2 scan tool is what you will find most motorists having to contend with. The issues top do with the car make or the levels of performance will always be put to the periphery if any faults arise. It’s advisable that one gets some OBD2 scan tool for his car. But the question is which one?


ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth

Several factors come into play when choosing a scan tools. These may include;

  • Price– most scan tools have bigger and better feature. These are usually priced higher than cheaper scan tools. It is believed that the lower the price, the likely hood of it lacking some of the features which you might be yearning for in a scan tool.
  • Functions- there is no motorist who may wish to have something faulty or which does not have the requisite features. The features determine the price in most cases however.
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When the scan tools are put on the basis of their price for instance, you will notice that portable scan tools will range to the lower end of the price charts. For most advanced scan tools with the ability to give you more readings, you will see that they are ranging on the higher price chart levels.

Despite all these, the ability of any scan tool depends on the codes it can read. It is in this line that most scan tools are believed to give almost the same results. This notion despite being put to naught is rather true to a great extent. The difference is usually only the mode of display with some able to interpret the codes.

The modern digitally oriented scan tool known as the Bluetooth scan tools are however  preferred on the basis of their efficiency and ability to interpret data making the work of the technician easy. The digital models do not need even interfering with the car as you drive.

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