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Since the year 1996, the use of the on board diagnostics commonly known as the OBD 2 scan tools. With the regulations regarding the control of emissions, the need to ensure that vehicle engine faults are rectified in good time is of essence. This led to the invention of the first class of diagnostic scans known as the OBD 1. The current scan tools in use currently however are the OBD 2 scan tools.


OBD 2 scan tool- INNOVA 3040

An OBD 2 scan tool is an electronic device which is set up in such a way to be able to transmit the emission levels of the engine at periodic intervals or on a trigger action. The OBD 2 scan tool is important in providing;

  • Access to the relevant motor vehicle codes
  • Helping in the overall engine maintenance
  • Helps in providing the control mechanism especially when the engine lights are on and requires the driver to stop.
  • Controlling the overall environmental pollution which is in fact the key area why the machines are in use.
  • Monitoring any damaged part of your motor vehicle.
  • Helping provide solutions to the affected areas by pinpointing what is to be done.
  • Helping identify the fault areas and assisting in the repair process.
  • OBD 2 scan tool  is a money saving venture with most of the scan processes in the hands of the vehicle owner. This therefore limits the consultation of the external technical help unless necessary.
  • Most of the OBD scan tools in the market are cost effective and offer just money’s worth of service when in the process of scanning. It is even much better because these tools help the car owner in saving substantial amounts of money with regards to technical costs.

Because the OBD 2 technique is among the modern ideas in the motor industry, most of the modern motor vehicles are fitted with this all important scan machine. Some of its components involve connection to an external PC which is useful especially when the codes are to be printed for analysis. However, the car computer memory and the scan tool itself are usually enough for this purpose. This will be greatly dependent on the scan tool model.

The OBD 2 scan system is made to keep updating itself especially if it is enabled with the wireless internet connectivity.  The collection of several benefits will make your use of the OBD 2 scan tool memorable. Some of the benefits include;

  • They are money saving.
  • Their use is easy and convenient, does not require a lot of technical knowledge.
  • The scan tools are generally quick and are effective in giving quick solutions to the repair process.
  • Due to the size in which most of them are made using and even storing the scan tools is quite easy.
  • They are designed in a compact and aesthetic manner which makes them look beautiful and durable.
  • Most of the OBD scan tools are freely available on most shops including the several online shops.
  • The wireless scan tools can be updated online making them have superior compatibility ratings as compared to the other scan tools.

Certain characteristics of the reader will help. These may include;

  • Proper and efficient coding– the reader must have an absolute access to the varied codes in the market to be able to work effectively.
  • Ability to read codes in the diverse car brands.
  • Independent use– most readers which rely on power from the car engine are considered inferior. This is mainly due to the fact that such tools may not operate should the car engine fail. It need a separate power source if need be.
  • Cost– though preference is put on cheaper readers, lowly priced readers may in some cases lack the desired features of a good scan tool.

The modern OBD 2 scan tool can be used on the several electronic devices like the PC, phones and the tablets. It all depends on the mode you want to use for connecting and retrieving the data.

The availability of the already inbuilt blue tooth wireless devices is rather humbling.  With the OBD 2 scan tools, visiting a mechanic becomes your choice and only when necessary. The choice is therefore yours,

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