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The question of which on board diagnostic (OBD) scan tool suits the car has been one shrouded in mystery with lots of answers hanging. This is usually seen in people who are just getting introduced to the OBD use and may not have the best know how on which the most suitable tool to use is.

The choice of which OBD scan tool usually rests with the car manufacturer in most cases, it can also be the prerogative of the car owner to make the choice of which tool will be used on his car. In the years of yore, OBD scan tool requirements stipulated that all cars must be fitted with a functioning OBD scan tool.

U380 OBD II car scanner

U380 OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner Trouble Code Reader

The rule has not changed a bit with the introduction of more advanced OBD 2 and the EOBD 2 in Europe. What it now stipulates is that the car owner is more at liberty of selecting an appropriate tool for his use without having to rely on the manufacturer gadget.

Why is it so?

The need for standardization brought with it an open market system. initially, the manufacturer specific OBD scan tools were limited to given cars and required that the car owner bought new OBD scan tools the moment a new car brand would be bought. This was quite expensive and made most people to pile OBD scan tools in the house, some of which they didn’t use.

The reduction of emission and the need to have quick and efficient repairs was the main aim of the innovation regarding OBD scan tools. If the OBD scan tool was going to present a new front for delayed repairs, then it would not serve the purpose. The environmental protection agency (EPA) in the United States recommended for an electronic gadget which was standard and would not have these challenges.

The second generation onboard diagnostic scan tools were thus invented. These tools are among the best the automotive industry has seen because of the nature of their action. One tool can in fact be seen to work on several other cars without any trouble. In most instances, novices are found to have their use quite appropriate.


EOBD2 scanner

EOBD2 & OBD2 Diesel Diagnosic tool

The success seen with the second generation scanners is immensely attributed to the protocol coverage within them which makes them more compatible with newer car models and even older car models. This has led to their being seen as the best scan tools for use on the car.

Why OBD 2?

The OBD 2 machines have thus been rated highly as one of the best tools worth using if you want to have a smooth scan.

The reasons for OBD 2 preference are as follows;

  • Wide protocol coverage- while the old generation scan tools were known to cover almost all the known protocols within the span of the diagnostic scanner use. This fact has always given them great advantages in terms of compatibility.
  • Ease of use- with the OBD 2 the user may not have to hustle around looking for code meaning. This is mostly because most of them have a directory where all the codes read are translated. In addition, some have audio for relaying the code progress meaning and completion of the repair process.
  • Cost effective- by reducing the time taken by the mechanic on the car, these OBD scan tools have drastically reduced the repair time as well as the overall cost that a mechanic would charge. Moreover, most of them are cheap in terms of price.
  • Longer use- the OBD 2 scanner is known to have an updatability feature that is the most special thing about them. This can allow them to be used with newer cars. Moreover, by just downloading some of the software associated with these tools, one can turn any mobile devices into an OBD 2 Bluetooth scan tool.

With all these facts at hand, it is clear that the OBD 2 is among the best gadgets to use on the cars. The European version may b e the EOBD 2 but the purpose id the same. This however does not overrule all OBD 1 scan readers in the market. They are equally good but cannot be the best.

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