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The simplicity by which the onboard diagnostic scan tools have presented the retrieval of trouble code on cars is just amazing. Cars made in some parts of the globe are known to come with a completely fitted scan tool; it is prudent if one could think of buying a spare one.

What is more is the user interface presented on most of the scan tools, it is just too easy to use given that all one needs to do with most of the tools is just to link up  the tool to the vehicle computer memory through an accompanying USB cable and there you are, the trouble code reading commences!

Since the inception of onboard diagnostics in the 1960s, many of the motorists are noted to act from an ignorant point of view. Most of them do not understand the workings of the tools despite their importance in helping keep your drive experience at its best.

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So what is it?

The design of the electronic fuel injection system was the brainchild behind the making of the onboard diagnostic scanners. The excruciatingly painful experiences of most motorists and the need for frequent visitations to the mechanics made the innovators in this area to think of the most convenient method to deal with it.

Something had to be do ne and it had to be pretty fast, so the OBD scanners came into. Its use was not as popular initially. However, the discoveries of science and the several findings with regard to the engine fuel emissions could not have made their use to be delayed.

The use of the readers was made compulsory in several areas to safeguard the environmental conservation gains. OBD 1, which is the earlier version, means the vehicles which were in existence before the year 1995. This was the mother of all the tools we use currently.

The new brands of OBD are known as OBD 2 and are vehicles which are seen to have been made after 1996.  The whole OBD system is formulated in such away to help the motorist access codes free of charge. It works on several scientifically tested principles and one of such is the use of the illuminating light.

OBD scan tools work on the basis of just establishing a connection with the engine and then the codes appear. The codes, which are so much talked about here, are in most cases divided into distinct categories of generic and manufacturer specific codes. Some scanners are able to read other codes like the pending codes.

Onboard diagnostics also work on the basis of certain recognized universal protocols which are in most cases fed into each tools memory. The support of several protocols by any tool will mean that the scan tool can reach wide range of motor vehicles.

From the operations of the scan readers, it is clear that the use of power is not to b e left out given their electronic nature. Some of the current tools are however regarded as standalone tools with the ability to work without the need for batteries.


The universality of most tools falling within the second generation category is not in question. Given the fact that most of the current crop of tools are made to update by themselves with an internet connection is enough to support this.

The universally acclaimed tools work across several cars and has reduced the burden most motorists had to undergo.  Most of the tools in this range are Bluetooth in nature. The Bluetooth tools work using wireless connectivity making them usable on the remote scale.

Convenience and finding

The checking of some vehicles is done more easily based on the nature of design and the codes to be read. Some only requires that you only switch the engine ignition. It is exciting to use the OBD scan tools provided you have just the basic knowledge. For anyone with training, it makes the work easier and helps maximize the gains.

Getting to know more about the OBD scan tool is important if you are intent on receiving better driving experience. This information is available in most free source websites which you can check.

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