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With our research based information, we have a lot more to offer in terms of the OBD scan tools in the market. From the dominant INNOVA OBD scan tools, the ScanTool OBD scans, the Bafx Products scan tools, the Launch Tech OBD scans and several other OBD I and OBD II scan tools, our site is a rich heaven for all that is OBD.


Visiting us is therefore no waste of time because you are likely to have it all here.

1. Review of the INNOVA scan tools

If safety is your in thing when looking for the OBD scan tool to buy, then the INNOVA brand is perfectly your choice. With wide ranging market experience, you are not likely to go wrong choosing any of the INNOVA OBD scan tool whether in the old generation or new generation scans.

Most people agree that the INNOVA is in a world of its own.  Having several products and the ability to network with some of the reliable players in the market, it is a name on many motorists’ lips as well as the professionals.

INNOVA Scan Tool


The safety restraint system (SRS) and the anti lock brake system (ABS) are some of the pillars governing the use of most of the INNOVA OBD II scanners. Their scope is not however limited to the new generation only with their wide tentacles within the old generation scanning-literally dominating!

Most scan tools from this brand are known to have the ability to provide real time data codes which makes it easy for the mechanic and the novice to like their use in equal measure. Though, depending on the level of sophistication, some of the OBD tools from the brand have the ability to get the freeze data reading as well as the graphical presentation of the data.

The wide compatibility of the INNOVA OBD scan tools is not in question with its coverage of diverse OBD II protocols attributed for its reading of millions of data. To have a competitive advantage over its competition, the INNOVA OBD scan tools are made in an aesthetically presentable yet durable pack.

Most of those within the OBD scan tools’ use will attest to the fact that this is among the most reliable tools in the market. It is no wonder the hostage like hold the brand has on the market.

2. Review of the Actron scan tools

Since the introduction of the on board diagnostic scan tools, the power of the Actron OBD scan tools will never fail to amaze. This is so with the numerous high quality features that the brands’ tools have been made to work with.

The Actron OBD scan tool makers have had a rich history in the production of some of the most outstanding scan tools in the market. Having had a stint in the making of some of the known OBD I readers, the rich mix of the modern OBD scan tools found within its house is enough to create a sense of trust bin the brand.

actron scan tool

Actron – The right Scan Tool

There are several OBD II scanners currently within the Actron brand selling in the market. Most of the motorists are however in agreement that these ranges of tools have one factor in common, quality.


With live data as well as freeze data readings, the OBD II scan tools have the capacity to give the vehicles drive cycle readings, I/M monitors and the ability to read the anti lock brake system (ABS) as well as the ability to read in the several universal languages in the market.

It is only among some of the Actron OBD II scan tools that the user has the privilege of enjoying the code connect featuring. This allows the reader to have diverse amounts of data within real time as well as providing the translated versions of the code meanings.

However, the ability of most of the OBD II scan tools within this brand to be compatible with wide ranging car models as well as the huge OBD II protocol coverage that is the focal point in professional automotive scanning. For this reason, the tools are regarded as the most professionally oriented tools in the market.

Because of the strength of the brand holder, the tools are easy to find online as well as the different brick and motor stores. At different price ranges and models, the buyer only makes a choice based on which tool you settle for.

Your troubles with the check engine light feature will be gone as well as freedom from troubles. This helps you to enjoy everything that you may be dreaming for to keep your car up to date on the road.

3. Reviews of the Autel OBD scan tools

Believing in the adage ‘old is gold’ is only possible if one can trace the history of the Autel diagnostic scan tools in the market. The manufacturer –Autel has had an astonishing career in the field of OBD scan tool making and sales for close to 2 decades now. The level of the brand originality is informed by their innovativeness making the produce some of the best scan tool in the market.

Old company, new technology

Most of the Autel OBD products have the capacity to literally support all the known OBD ii protocols in the market.  Above all this, it is known that the update feature of these tools also enable them to be used widely.

The level of professionalism found with these tools is just above board.

In this respect, you are not bound to miss finding both readers of the old generation and the second generation scanner in the form of OBD II all within its line.

The Autel OBD scanners are known to have the ability to read live data, freeze data, give a graphic account of the data as well as store the data for future use. The ability of some of their tools to give a video digital inspection angle to the scan makes them to be regarded as some of the most competitive scan tools in the market.

In addition, the tools can clearly and quickly pinpoint the area where the problem is with the meaning of the said data, making them in most cases perfect tools for novices as well. The aesthetic touch and durability aspects have not been forgotten by the manufacturer either.

With all the goodies to its bag, the Autel range of scan tools may not be for you average pocket if you are conscious of costs. They are usually retailed at higher prices above the competition, maybe due to their outstanding features.

For professional mechanics, this is their best companion.

4. Reviews of the OTC OBD scan tools

The issue of language can be one of the factors of conflict in any given setup. That is not exclusive to the OBD II scan tools’ use where the language barrier played a central role in denying car owner the opportunity to carry out self scans. Not any more with OTC OBD Scan Tool brand.

With the spirit of the do it yourself, the OTC scan tool makers focused on breaking the problem of language. Their trilingual OBD II scan tools are amazingly easy to use with quick fixes as their main center of focus.  That is why they are recommended for use on almost all car in spite of the geographical area it is made from.

otc obd scan tool

An ode to low-cost scan

The OTC OBD II scan tools have the capacity of presenting the diverse data code ranging in the tune of millions in the simplest of ways. For instance, they have both the live data as well as the freeze data code readings as some of the methods. The well formed screen display feature on these tools may be worth mentioning in this respect.

It is the playback feature as well as the ease of most OTC OBD tools to update that allows for their friendly use.  However, the complete range of the OBD II protocol coverage is what makes the tools from the brand to stand out more when compared to some of its well established competitors. Most of the quick fix abilities of the tools are done through text and the visual effects which have made the tool to be seen to get the act done.

Though not a quite renowned name in the OBD field, the scan tool manufacturer boasts of its own niche in the on board diagnostics. Those drivers in the countries where diagnostic scanning act has not taken root feel well catered for when in its company. Trying its products is not a waste of time after all.

5. Reviews of the OBDLink OBD scan tools

Looking at the OBDLink OBD scans, one is likely to conclude that this is a multi pronged approach company.  This fact is seen with the several diverse products they make both in the old generation OBD I, the OBD II and the Bluetooth scan tools which are the trending topics in the current OBD scan tool world.

Like some of the competition, they have identified where their demand is and have cleverly worked round the clock, managing to achieve a feat not seen with most OBD scan tool manufacturers. Making tools fit for both professionals and novices alike is the scan tools’ in thing.

obdlink scan tool

OBDLink LX Bluetooth Scan Tool

You will not miss to have the OBD link as the main component in most of the brands Bluetooth devices making them some of the fastest in terms of coding results and readings.  The OBDLink’ OBD scanners have the unique capacity to be regarded as the smart phone or PC based depending on where you prefer to use them.

The emission readiness and trouble code reading and clearance are the basic aims of diagnostic scan usage. All these are easily achieved using any tool from this brand. With live data code reading, graphic as well as report based analytic enhancements are all enough to give the user the desired results.

OBDLink, having invested a lot in the infrastructure it uses, noted the problem with the data display screen on some of the competing brands. It has thus made the data display screen on virtually all its OBD scan tools to be well elaborated making data code reading to be a walk in the park.

Most OBDLink OBD products have the ability to read manufacturer specific data codes. The generic code reading is not left out with most of their OBD Bluetooth devices having this ability. However, the scan tools have stolen the show with most of their OBD scan tools having the ability to print the data for further analysis.

Getting the wide range of tools from this brand is as easy as ABC given the well developed online platform it has and the complete range of pocket friendly prices, try them out!

6. Reviews of the Vgate OBD scan tools

The modern technology has come into the on board diagnostic-OBD scan use, that is for sure if what the Vgate technology presents is anything to go by. Most of the OBD II scan tools from this brand are wireless Bluetooth gadgets in nature. Because of the manner of limitations of some OBD scan tools in the market, bridging the gap was an important area.

The unique twist presented  by the use of the Torque android application found in the OBD scan tool has been seen to enable it work well in turning the diverse mobile phones into some of the most effective vehicle scan tools.

Jack of all trades and a master of phones

Looking at the features of most of the tools from Vgate technologies, you are bound to see the brand tool’s power saving capacities making them to be regarded as perfect standalone tools.

The tools from Vgate have the capacity to support all the known OBD II protocols in the market.

In addition, the wide code reading capacity makes the tools stand out among the competition. However, it is the price of most of the Vgate OBD ii brand scan tools that makes them shame the competition.

With its live data readings, graphic presentations, freeze data and the ability to present a translation of the read data, the user is bound to get the best out of these ranges of OBD II scan tools.

Just like most of the modern OBD scan tools, the Vgate Bluetooth OBD II scan tools are easily updated online through the wireless internet connection thus covers any new car coming into the market.

Because of their access  from the manufacturer website, the online purchase of the OBD Bluetooth product may just provide the user with the a convenient way of  solving the problem of the switch off the engine light as well as the cases of OBD scans failing to work with some car brands.

7. The Big Banana OBD scan tool reviews

I would say this is a holistic OBD scanner.

With the ability to give services commensurate to each level, both beginners and professionals alike are better off with this tool brand.

The big banana focuses on integrating the upgraded capacities of most of the scan tools with the unique feature it infuses in its tools to give the users something to smile about in terms of car diagnostics.

One thing is for sure, the OBD scanners from this brand are reputed for their quality and price. When at any moment you are looking for the best OBD II scanner, then you are better off with the big banana brand of scanners.

The all in one king

With a wide range of tools to select from, the OBD II scan tool maker has the ability of carrying out engine resets as well as other functions aimed at solving the check engine light error code reading.

What is more outstanding is the ability of the range of scanner to efficiently read live data while at the same time having the freeze data code reading as a backup for the future. This is why the OBD scan tool brand caries out quick engine resets as well as resets to the other car features like the steering wheel.

The code reader plus function is the most notable thing when looking at this brand of OBD, because it informs the level of efficiency and reliability known with the brand. It allows for the tool to be able perform some of the quickest scans in the market.

The internet connection and upgrade allows the brand to have wide coverage of new tools, making it have the widest scope in the area of OBD II scanning. It is however notable that this tool has some of the most attractive physical features which may be the secret to its immense success in terms of sales and user scope.

For those who are just beginning to use the OBD II machines, the big banana has every tool you may be interested in.  This is in spite of the lack of visibility occasioned by the other popular OBD II scan tool brands in the market.

8. The Launch Tech USA OBD scan tool reviews

The United States is the pioneer of on board diagnostic (OBD) scan tool’s use. Though most of the tools come from here, the making of the tools has never been exclusively made to target the local market like it is the case with the Launch Tech OBD scan tools.

With the demand for quality scans in the United States and the other OBD regulated areas as its driving force, the OBD II scan maker has made some outstanding OBD II products for the US market and beyond. These OBD scans are easily identified from the rest because of the emphasis they put in quality and speed of data code reading.

The company’s product portfolio is clearly telling of its intent in ensuring that the OBD market in the US and other OBD regulated areas is satisfied. With tools which are OEM compliant, you are sure to be able to use the range of OBD scan tools anywhere.

Launch Tech OBD Scan Tool

Launch OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool CRP129

The range of the launch tech OBD II scanner can cover the live data code reading, vehicle information aspects, the graphic code reading, and give diverse motor vehicle test mode results.

It is however the ability of the scanner to cover the holistic vehicle aspects within the car, for instance, the areas of checking on the airbag, headlights and door function modules through its Bi-directional test resets that makes them stand out.

Though with a strong domestic orientation, the launch tech US OBD scan tool products are not for the poor motorists however. With skyrocketing prices, you are not likely to acquire one just for your domestic use.

Using them for commercial purposes may therefore help in saving more.

However, considering the enhanced capacity of the brands scan tools to give the user quick data code readings, you are not likely to suffer if you bought it for your car. This is because the time saved will b e worth the financial undertaking and even more. having the Launch tech OBD  scan tool products may just be the in thing for those who dream of great do it yourself (DIY) OBD scan tools.

9. The Bafx Products OBD scan tool reviews

The Bluetooth OBD II scan tool device era is here to stay, that is why there is an emergence of some of the most outstanding Bluetooth OBD II devices in the market. One thing is for sure, the Bafx products Bluetooth scan tools have been some of the most outstanding tools.

The Bafx products, as the manufacturer of OBD II scans, have been able to come up with some of the most innovative e tools around, though with the few tools it has made. The ability of the Bafx products Bluetooth brands of the OBD scan tools to work across all car brands is informed by the fact that the tools are easily updatable online.

With a wireless connectivity, the OBD II scan tools within this brand are known to help clear trouble codes in real time. This is further supported by their ability to scan wide range of data codes in the tune of thousands.

It is however the use of mobile phone devices on these OBD II Bluetooth devices that makes them one of the most exciting tools to work with. You are able to literally change the phone into an effective scan device at the tap of the buttons.

The Bafx products pride itself in quality and research, thus they have generally specialized in making tools which are compatible with the android application on phones given the fact that this is the most popular mobile phone application in the market.

It is for this reason why the tools’ use has risen tremendously to be rated among the best.

You will like the Bafx OBD scan tools based on their cost. Though this is not the only strength, the design of the OBD scan tools within the brand will leave you gasping for breath. The beauty and the quality of the cover can allow for the tools to be easily carried as well as transported without causing any strain on the user.

It is thus worth saying that the Bafx products deserve to be branded as among the best OBD scan tool makers worth looking at, if the issue of brand name is anything to go by.

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