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The superiority of the OPEL car model is immeasurable. While they are usually known for the super performance, getting a good scan tool is bound to even increase their use. There are several OBD2 scan tools which can be used on this car model. Most of the best scan tools are known to fall within what may be referred to as the universal category.

The OPEL technology, as it is, has its origins within the United States technology development system. The US is the only country which has very good roots concerning the regulations especially with regard to OBD2 scanning. The most used car bran d in the United States is usually touted as being the OPEL TECH mode though in whispers.

This is the basis why in most cases where the OPEL is mentioned, the OPEL TECH 2 is usually flouted as the best ever scan module for the motor vehicle brand especially in the US.

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The use of the OPEL TECH scan machine has thus been researched and found to be the most commonly used on this brand. The company makes two most unique formats of the scan, some of the used brands include the;

  • The OBD2 OPEL TECH 2- Acting mostly in place of its counterpart known as the service VAG, the machine is enabled to effectively give the body chassis data through 3 pin function. In most cases, the user can alternate the lines at will without interfering with the data scan process.

However, with the ISO 9141-2 SAE J1962 Certification, the levels of diagnosis done by this tool are diverse. The OBD 2 OPEL2 is the latest with the ability to cover the most recent vehicle makes.

The major benefit of this protocol is that it is a bit fast unlike its counterpart because it has some enhanced features.

  • OPEL TECH– because of long drawn traditions running since the yester years, the Opel tech .com has been known to be the sole diagnostic service provider for the brand of vehicle. In fact, buying this car has been usually accompanied with a complete package of scan implements which include the normal interfaces, the RS232 which is attributed to be compatible with the other 3rd party OPEL TECH 2 software, a k-line multiplication cable without the need for switching and the OPEL TECH data software CD.

The Opel scanners are however divided into several other categories which depend on the car make to be scanned. For instance, the pro, flasher and the CAN models will resonate only with particular cars.

Importance of using the OPEL TECH

  • Online support offered by the Opel Company to its users. This provides for quick resolutions of any scanning challenges.
  • It has the capacity to read engine control (ECU) which is unique only to this diagnostic scan tool.
  • It is fitted with several key procedures which include the ability to read and erase the read data.
  • With the ECU controls, the vehicle ID is easily read and transmitted for the technician to work on.
  • The Opel Company provides some of the best tools on its website with varied update options for users to get quick access to the latest versions of the scan tool.
  • The use of the two scan tools with the OPEL motor vehicle brand has been greatly influenced by the great interface which turns the personal computer into a professionally oriented device.


The use of the Opel scan is an exclusivist affair just like the car brand itself. It is common in the United States and very rarely found in other countries. Because of the technology, its use is not for the non professionals.

How to use

The OPEL TECH scan just like most scan tools is a plug and play device. However, most of its scan process must also be aided by the Pentium PC brand of computers. The OPEL TECH require very easy fittings because it comes readily fitted, that’s why it’s a preferred choice when it comes to scanning of the OPE car brand.


The rare nature of its use alone makes it one tool worth giving a try especially if the Opel car brand is your choice. However, you need good knowledge to be able to effectively use this scan tool.

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