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Using cars has been an exciting thing since the innovation of wheels. Many people love their cars for the convenience they are known to provide. While the process of car use may be the most exciting, the prevalence e of car faults is usually something which is commonplace.

Car fault has been known to arise from different car areas. Some of which include:

  1. The engine
  2. Body
  3. The wheels

Engine faults

The car engine has been the major area which keeps the car moving. However much we may want the engine to remain in good condition, the car engine is the most common area of fault. Engine faults are caused by several factors which include heating, blockages and just mere cases of negligence.

Because of the combustion process, the car engine is bound to heat up and as a result need urgent cooling. The heating arise from the fuels which are used and the lack of ventilation. The car filters are usually placed strategically to help in reducing the oil clogging on the car system.

When the engine is clogged, it is bound to cause heat. Oxygen and water are usually some of the most important elements when this arises. The emissions of carbon dioxide in the course of the combustion usually cause the car engine to have the chocking effect.

Engine fault is also known to arise from other factors like the imbalances in the car engine pressure. The maintenance of the car engine pressure is quite important if the car engine were to have ‘good health’. The use of certain oils is some other contributors to the problem of temperature and pressure.

The car body

Car bodies are made of diverse metallic components. Aluminum and steel are some of the most commonly used materials in the car body industry. Aluminum is regarded to be lighter than its steel compatriot, steel is harder. The fact that aluminum does not rust as fast makes it to be used in most of the cars.

The corrosive nature of natural forces usually eats away the metallic part of the car body. However, the aluminum is known to last longer than steel. A car with corroded body looks ugly and un-roadworthy. This in itself is a fault which needs urgent correction.

The wheels

Because it is the part which is in contact with the road, car wheels are the most important part of car movements.  Car wheel problems arise from the wheel alignment issues or just the mere fact that the bearings have failed.

When the problem is with the car wheel alignment, there is bound to be numerous vibrations which may bring a lot of discomfort to the car users. In fact, the car vibrations alone may make the use of the car unbearable.

When the bearings fail, the most prudent thing to know is the cause and how to rectify the fault. Because the bearings form an important part of the wheel movement, it may sometimes be a matter of just oiling the bearings or just replacing the balls within the b, if some are cracked.

How do we rectify car fault?

In the past, it would take ages to be able to identify and rectify certain areas of the car fault. Since the 1960s in California, the introduction of onboard diagnostic scan machines (OBD), which were basically meant to identify the car fault in the course if car use. The result has been the revolutionizing of the process of identification and correcting of the car faults.

The initial stages of the on board diagnostics only used the simple car engine readers whose scope was not large enough. This posed a big problem and so the introduction of the second generation scan machines (OBD II).

Most of the second generation scan tools are known for their efficient nature of getting the car fault readings. This has lessened the process of car fault identification and car repairs. OBD scan tools in essence are meant to reduce the cases of having faulty cars on the road.

Because of their universality, OBD II scan tools are known to be compatible with most of the car brands in the market. Their availability in the market has also never been in question given their stock on most of the online as well brick and motor stores.

So if you are one of those who are suffering from the numerous cases of car fault, getting yours is just a click away. Take that step and get yours, it would be the most ideal decision of your life.

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