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Every vehicle owner needs an OBD2 scanner for checking and correcting minor vehicle malfunctions. Do we think that the Foxwell NT630 remains an ultimate choice for DIYers because of affordability, accuracy, and compatibility? Check out our review for these answers. 

When the engine light comes on, it can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere. Most of the engine faults can be temporarily fixed or even ignored until you can get to a mechanic, but the question is, how do you correct a check engine light that tells you nothing but “there’s a problem?”

check engine light on a speedometer
Check Engine Light” by Chris Isherwood is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The answer to this is an OBD2 scanner, which is a vehicle diagnostic scan device. Most DIYers and backyard mechanics know enough to understand the readouts on these machines, and can skip the need to pay a shop lots of money to repair minor engine faults. You don’t need an ASE certification to read it.

OBD2’s budgets vary widely, but their budget is not necessarily a determinant of their quality. When looking for one, there are many other things that determine if the machine is right for you.

We’re going to completely review the Foxwell NT630 Elite scanner, and give you a comparison to other similar products. Our evaluations aim to give you what you need to know to make an informed decision on which scanner is right for your needs.

Product Overview

A compact design and an average-sized LCD screen are some of the dominant exterior features that represent this Foxwell OBD2 model. Its compact design makes it ideal for keeping in the storage glove box, as well as fit in your palm when you are running a scan. 

The Foxwell NT630 is a premium diagnostic tool, produced by Foxwell, that give precise readings and is budget-friendly. There are several others in that group that may be better for you if you have a particular need.

For example, if a large display screen size is indispensable for you, go for the Foxwell NT614 instead, which has a larger display screen.

The NT630 also has compatibility with 52 car brands. If you work on several vehicles, or even run a small car repair shop, then this is the best option for you.  

Product Specifications

FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Reader Automotive OBD II...
  • 📀【ABS&SAS&SRS SCANNER】FOXWELL NT630 Plus ABS & Airbag OBD2 scanner does not only provides accurate and...
  • 📀【ABS BLEEDING SCAN TOOL】Anytime the brake system is opened to replace components such as calipers, wheel...
  • 📀【ACTIVE TEST】The OBD scan tool temporarily allow you to active or control ABS/Airbag system and component,...

The Foxwell NT630 comes enclosed in a rubber case that provides extra cushion against bumps or accidents and proofing against dust. This reinforcement adds to the overall structural durability, and you don’t have to worry about a small fall costing you a new unit. Its other features and technical specifications are highlighted below.

  • Display: DTC
  • Up-date tool: Fox Scanner
  • Update feature: PC free updates
  • Compatible to vehicles from 1996
  • 6 functionality modes
  • Functions: SRS, Airbag diagnostic, ABS active test, live data, reset MIL, data storage, ESP sensors data, bi-directional control tests

Considering that the scanner can recognize such an extensive collection of car brands, it’s likely to cover your needs. The diagnostic tool is installed with an automation system that identifies the type and model of the car you are testing.

FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Reader Automotive OBD II...

Apart from having all the OBD2 features active, this Foxwell scanner can switch off the engine indicator light, display current readings, and translate the fault codes. It can also clear airbag faults.

It comes with an in-built charging port that you can connect to the OBD2 portal. Its software can also be easily be updated via computer at no extra cost, which will, in turn, give you up-to-date codes.


The Foxwell NT630 is not only affordable and has free software updates but also has a 42-month warranty. Most Foxwell designs do not come with the same warranty period, and this makes the NT630 a perfect blend of cost, warranty, and functionality.

How the Foxwell NT360 Compares to Other Products in the Market

Most budget-friendly scanners have a compact design and high vehicle compatibility levels. Let’s see how the Foxwell NT630 compares to the Actron CP9690 OBD1/OBD2 Elite Autoscanner and the BlueDriver LSBS Bluetooth Pro OBD2 Scan Tool. 

In contrast to the NT630, the Actron CP9690 has a trilingual functionality. It performs CAN, OBD1, and OBD2 features. Its LCD is also large, making it easy to read data for most users. Just like the NT630, it is compatible with most OBD2 vehicles manufactured since 1996. 

Its software updates are also internet-enabled. The scanner is, however, a bit more costly than the NT630, and the manufacturer only offers a one-year warranty.

Most pro-DIYers and mechanics may not go for the BlueDriver LSBS Bluetooth Scan Tool because of its limited metrics. However, its Bluetooth enabled connectivity makes it an ideal wireless OBD2 scanner. Users find it more convenient to access the tools interface on their smart devices. Compared to the NT630, this scanner is both compatible with Android and Mac devices.

Even though it works on vehicles that are 1996 and above, its compatibility levels are quite low, and it only offers a one-year warranty, but cheaper than the NT630. 

Pros and Cons of the Foxwell NT360

The selection of premium scanning tools from Foxwell has some features that are superior and inferior from one model to another. The Foxwell NT630 has the following benefits and downsides.

The Upside

Its self-explanatory menu operation details make it ideal for beginners as compared to the NT644, which is best used by professionals. Display clarity and proper labeling of the hotkeys make it easy to use. The default language settings are in English, but you can change it to your preferred language on the multilingual menu.

The NT630 compact design makes it ideal to fit in your car toolbox and the protection offered by the casing protects it from impact. Even though this tool supports all OBD2 tasks, its cost is still affordable.

Some of these checks include restoring the engines light default settings, MIL shut down and DTC checks.

Most vehicle scanners within the same budget as the NT630 do not give the same accuracy levels as this Foxwell model. Apart from issuing accurate readings, this scanner also performs its functions at a relatively high speed.

Above its compatibility with over 52 vehicle brands, the Foxwell Nt630 scanner has additional features. These are SRC and ABS coverage, and SAS calibration on over 60 car brands and over 30 approved vehicle brands.

If you are looking for a long-term investment, the Foxwell NT630 internet-enabled free updates mean this one will last longer.

The Downsides

Even with extensive vehicle coverage, this tool does not perform on all vehicle types given by the manufacturer.

Therefore, it makes more practical sense to confirm whether it is compatible with your exact vehicle before buying it. About the tool’s interface, some beginner users may face some difficulty interpreting the codes, but this is a drawback that can be solved by a seasoned mechanic.

There are some issues with the clarity of the instructions for setting up the machine, but a little digging finds the info you need on their website.


  • Compact
  • Rubber casing for extra protection
  • Affordable
  • Does not require a high skill level to operate
  • No extra battery is needed
  • Software updates can be made through your PC
  • Compatible with over 52 vehicle brands
  • Has an automation system that recognizes your vehicle type
  • Can shut down the MIL
  • Well accustomed to all OBD2 features


  • Trouble diagnosing some car models
  • Not compatible with Apple laptops
  • Instructions for use not the clearest

Should You Buy the Foxwell NT360?

If you are a multi-car owner or operating a small car shop, the Foxwell NT630 is the ideal start-up tool for you. It’s not only cost-effective but covers a good number of vehicle types. Most beginners find the interface user-friendly and its basic functions are just perfect for a DIYer.

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