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The enforcement of the new OBD scan rule has made it possible for the purchase of any OBD2 reader CAN.  The presence of the OBD2 with CAN technology and the revolutionary Bluetooth OBD scan tools is an area of immense interest. This is mainly because; on board diagnostics is done in the form of a code.

The unique code which is made to help you get to know if there is some trouble on your car engine has the capacity of retrieving and recording codes. The recording of the specific codes is also covered within the reach of both the compact and Bluetooth scan tools. Some of the notable contrasts include;

  • It has been even made easier for the reading of the vehicle trouble codes with the bluetooth then the compact scan tool.
  • The important thing is that the reader has the capacity to give you relevant warning during your drive which may necessitate the continuation or end of journey.
  • Looking at the operations of the two OBD 2 scan tools, the Bluetooth OBD2 scan reader can also be used in areas where the OBD can is not to be used.
  • The compatibility between the OBD compact scan tool and the wireless Bluetooth model is what matters. The ability of the Bluetooth wireless OBD2 scan tools to give the user fast and live streaming of the coded information is supreme.
  • The techniques used in making the latest models of the Bluetooth wireless scan makes it capable of receiving large amounts of data unlike the compact OBD2. Moreover, with its standardized connector which makes it easy to install and use on the vehicle in question influences the manner of your cars performance will be greatly enhanced.
  • However, it is the availability of all the requisite side tools that makes its use rather easy. For general monitoring of your cars performance, the OBD2 reader CAN and the wireless OBD2 reader common as the Bluetooth reader are just perfect. This is because; the general code coverage of these two gadgets is wide and makes them compatible with a variety of cars.
  • Code display will be clear, with the ability to translate the varied codes through a unique library code which comes packed together.
  • The new wireless OBD scan tools have all it takes for a great scanning. Time will be greatly saved based on their operation. The wireless OBD2 scan tool is known to work by remotely recording data. In addition, Some OBD scan tools are known for their ability to read and erase data.
  • Using the new models of OBD 2 scan tools is rather easy given the fact that most of them are plug and play devices.

Despite all the flowery talk, the use of the bluetooth is also not free from faults and may attract the following weaknesses unlike the compact ones;

  • Pricy-looking at how much damage to your pocket they may cause, the Bluetooth gadgets may be more costly than the compact devices in the real sense. The general use therefore will be in most cases reserved for those who can afford.
  • Complex- having the ability to read several diverse codes may not be a mean task to a novice. This may be especially if the device has no capacity to translate the codes. It may prove to be a monumental task getting the repair work done.
  • Wrought with cheaper and efficient alternatives– the Bluetooth scan tool is easily got using your already internet connected PC or phone with the required software’s. One does not need to purchase any of the like gadgets anyway.
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Because of the variations in the quality and make, it is only prudent that each motorist goes for what is viable financially. What is important during your journeys is the comfort and ease of repairs which will be guaranteed. The compact scans are good but the Bluetooth scan tools will give you more than you bargain for.


There are several compact and Bluetooth scan tool machines made by several companies competing for a slice of the market in OBD scanning. It’s upon you, but you are bound to get results come what may because by having one of the gadgets, your scan needs will be relatively made easier and stress levels reduced. So why not go for the one in which your heart desires.

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