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The use of the word OBD has become common on the lips of the motorists. It’s usually the reference of the OBD1 and the OBD2 scanning machine is what has rather caused more of the confusion. The word OBD just refer to the on board diagnostics. The on board diagnostics are just tools meant to assist the motorist cases brought about b y the problem of engine gas emissions.

The introduction of this system was through a protracted process which was first approved in California resources board. Kit has in fact taken root to cover several vehicle brands as covered by the different OBD scan machines available in the market.

The OBD is a hardware meant for coding which is usually located near the driver. The ease of connection and location makes it an easy gadget for the driver to use. The obd2 scan machines are found in most vehicles especially in countries where the regulation is in force. The several beneficial attributes associated with them is what usually strikes any user. These include;

  • They give comprehensive and critical scanning solutions which eventually end up in giving immediate solutions to the mechanic or the motorist.
  • Some have a malfunction illumination lamp which helps warn the motorist if there is any fault with the engine.

With the ease of diagnosis associated with the OBD 2 readers, the process of scanning your car has been reduced to an immediate occurrence. If you require even the resetting of the engine lights, then these tools are known to be worth your company. The newly incorporated control area network CAN has been praised for its boost on the scan gadget operation.

If the breakdown is rather serious, then this tool is bound to help you get to the root. Visiting a mechanic usually comes at a price, the scan tool thus is quite economical in cutting down on the costs of car scanning. Some of the features and functions of the scan tool include;

  • Apart from controlling the area of emissions, the scan tool is also known for its control of the distance coverage of the vehicle.
  • However, with the live data feed concept which is made possible through connections to the on board computer, you are assured of timely remedies.
  • The display, retrieval and clearing of the diverse generic codes and other codes known as pending codes is another are which the tools help. If you have used car or is planning to buy one, then this OBD 2 is what you must have.
  • With its compatibility and use pegged on its size which is small and user friendly no worry on the need for space.
  • What is so encouraging is that the use of the car is not interfered with when this scan tool is put to use. In addition to the wide range of functions, it will also work on the overall status of your car.

The OBD2 compact is known to have high level of organizational capacity with the ability to organize the read codes in the alphabetical order. In this regard, getting the codes becomes easier with minimal errors. It only gives warning on what it cannot handle.


how to use obd scan

In addition, it switches off the engine lights and through a detachable cable receives power. The emission of the data in an accurate manner is usually made possible through the accompanying software.

The OBD 2 -why the fuss?

The most important thing when looking at the OBD2 scan tools are the several accompanying accessories which enable its use. For instance, the OBD2 scan tool usually has;

  • 16 pin connector.
  • Accompanying software which helps connect to the car engine and the PC where the data is to be analyzed.

The secret of the OBD2 scan tool use is in most cases vested with the manufacture that are versed with the secrets of the coding protocol. This is why the scan tools are not the same though they share the same brand name of OBDS2. You can try one today.

The scan tool is made into a compact machine makes it durable. You are bound to use this OBD2 CAN compact reader for a very long period of time.

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